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We have been a manufacturer of unique model railroad products for over forty years. We have operated under a number of company names befitting the product line and have created various types of models with different technologies. Some of the products remain on the market, the rights having been sold to other entrepreneurs.

Our products have always been limited run due to the very specialized nature of the products. We have attempted to bring unique items to the market which have been neglected by high volume marketers.

After selling painted RTR items for over seven years on eBay, the current sales environment on eBay smacks of greed by the "Wall Street suits" that now run the company. (Proof of this was the sell off of PayPal.) Our current endeavors have brought us to becoming a manufacturer of resin kits. Our line continues to expand with over 200 items in our online catalog.

In lieu of eBay we have established a closeouts page which will be used to sell off our excess inventory of preproductions items.

Our current issues with PayPal costs and practices will cause us to seek a more versatile credit card processing company in the future.

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