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Concept Models is a typical cottage industry common to hobbyist markets. Due to the nature of our products and limited markets and margins we do not sell our products by distributors or hobby shops.

All of our produst are created from our standing mold library. We do not carry inventory - that way we don't have to move it in the future.

Our kits are limited to the resin castings we create. We do not supply many of the details which are commonly found at the local hobby shop such as music wire, handgrabs, ladders, trucks and couplers. We limit ourself in this manner to avoid dependence on other suppliers and to control our costs.

We answer by email all orders where they may be delayed longer than standard production of 7-10 working days. International shipping charges are based on actual weights and are billed prior to shipment.

Here's a little history of our model building and kits, some of which remain in production.

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