Trains and Monster Trains

Keeps me out of bars and away from bad women! ....whose idea was that?

"Hunting" Car

Patterned after a Northern Pacific Railroad prototype circa 1875, the model was entered in the 1996 Roy's Train World contest(AZ). The theme of the contest is to "Show what you can do with 6 inches" which pertains to the 6 inch square block supplied for making the model. It didn't win. I got a Roy's T shirt. This is one of those fun projects. (What did they hunt?) Hunting Car

Scratch built "Schnabel" cars from my own personal collection.

Combustion Engineering CEBX 101 used for carrying new power plants. Combustion Engineering CEBX 101

This was one of my first introductions to schnabel cars.

This is a model of the 60,000 Gal. LPG car

Decals for this beast are available in UTLX, GATX, and LePetomane road names. If you are not familiar with the name LePetomane, look it up on the web! :-)


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