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Concept Models CEBX 800 Schnabel Car Kit


Tthe CEBX 800 schnabel car is entirely made of resin castings. The only exceptions are hardware components. Lead shot for weight is molded into the castings to provide stability.

This car is designed to carry large reactor or other large oversized loads that cannot fit on a flatcar and meet clearance profiles. The car breaks in the center and picks up the load with the load clearing the rails by a few inches. The load is carried by attaching to the girders at the bottom for tension. The top of the girders engage the load for compression which is standard structural girder design.

This kind of car makes for unique operation. Typically they are speed limited when loaded. Short trains of this car, a caboose, and maybe a flat of associated parts for the load are in order. Also, they can only engage wide radius curves. The real cars have mechanisms for shifting the load laterally to make that last turn into the siding where it will be unloaded.

This is a very large car and does not fit the NMRA profile. In fact the railroads avoid tunnels with this type of car. I suspect that a 30" minimum radius in HO is a good idea for appearance sake.

Prototype Statistics
Capacity 1,779,260 lbs.
Light Weight 740,890 lbs.
Load Limit 1,779,260 lbs.
Number of axles (36" wheels) 36
Empty Car Length 231' 8"
Maximum Loaded Length 345' 0"
Maximum Vertical Load Shifting ability 44"
Maximum Horizontal Load Shifting ability
(either side of car center line)

This is a good photo of the CEBX 800 type car at full length with load. Model was built by Shawmut Car Shops for Rail Kasgro and depicts the latest paint scheme of the newest car of this type.

Photo courtesy of Shawmut Car

With permission of Rail Kasgro div. of Specialized Rail Transport.

Loads are available.

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An optional set of 18 truck frames (without wheel sets) is available. $30.00USD

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