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Westinghouse WECX 102/301 in HO

Reno, Nevada: Concept Models has entered the field of producing kits for the railroad modeler. The Westinghouse 102/103 kit is the first of a series of schnabel cars and large modern cars never before produced in HO. The kit consists mostly of resin castings which are easily assembled with ACC cement. The kit can be made into either the Westinghouse number 102 or 301 22 axle car. Previously this type of car has only been available from importers of brass models.

Custom decals are provided as well as detailed drawings and instructions. The modeler can detail the car to the degree of his preference. Even without adding details the car exhibits the enormous size of this specialized equipment. The car is a show stopper for the operating modeler. The prototype car is designed to carry large transformer or generator loads to power plant sites. A number of these types of loads will be made available in the near future. The car kit is available direct from the manufacturer. The car kit is priced at $74.99 MSRP

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