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Working With Resin Models

Resin kits are easy if you follow two guidelines.

1. If you want paint to stick, wash with a detergent such as Dawn or Joy before assembling - gets rid of mold release agents that can interfere with painting. Use a sponge or brush to LIGHTLY abrade the surface. Silicon oil cannot be removed by dunking in detergent only.

2. Use ACC cement (Krazy Glue) to assemble. In practice use both the thin and the gel types are useful. The thin ACC cement can use capillary action to attach a part with a long seam. The gel type works for filling gaps. I recommend both types. Solvent cements will not work at all and contact cements are (i.e. Walthers GOO) not really suitable for creating a durable resin model.

3.Bubbles - The resin casting process generates gas bubbles. We discard all parts that present a structural problem or defects that can't easily be obliterated with either Squadron's "Green Putty" or "Bondo". As a modeler this should not present a problem.

Nit Pickers - About Our Occasional Spelling Errors

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Another from one of our customers

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Good example of a Brain Study. If you can read this you have a strong mind.

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And Now A Tribute To The Naysayers

.....and to the rest of the throttle jerking shake-the-box idiots who have never built anything and never will!

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