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The white truck frame kit for the BBCX 1000 is priced at $19.95. You may use your choice of 33 inch wheelsets with the BBCX 1000. The kit includes four 6-wheel and four 4-wheel frames. Use this button to add to your shopping cart.

Westinghouse 102/301 Black Truck Frame Kit

Black Truck Frame Set Kit - 4-wheel and 6-wheels truck frame kits for the 102/301 Car. Requires assembly - No Wheelsets $20.00

GEX 40010 Truck Frame Kit

A truck frame kit cast in white plastic is an option. (without wheels or axles) - $19.99

CAPX 1001 Truck Frame Kit

Black resin Truck Frame Kit - 2 3-axle, 6 2-axle (without wheels or axles) $19.99 USD

GEX 40013-4 Truck Frame Kit

WECX 200 Truck Frame Kit

GEX 712 Truck Frame kit

A three axle black 4-truck frame kit is available for $19.99. You are advised to procure metal wheelsets before assembly. The truck frames do not lend themselves to reassembly. Our truck frames all have a heavy duty bolster.

The same truck frame kit is used on GEX 712, GEX 40013-4 and WECX 200 models.

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