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One of the eight specially-built 89-foot Union Pacific 'wing gondolas' that were used for two decades of McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 and KC-10 production. A total of 446 plane sets of the massive wing sections and associated parts were fabricated near Toronto, ON and shipped out west to California for final assembly of those planes at M-D's Long Beach facility. Decals are provided to cover all numbers in the series.

The DC-10 gondolas were always seen as a pair with one shipset of wings, joined by an idler car. The small part of the wing hung over the idler car between the two cars.

The wing we supply is a blank casting since no commercial parts are availble in 1/87th scale. Since the wing always traveled covered, detailing has been focused on the mounts and brackets.

Car Type: Gondola
Builder: Maxson
AAR Type: E880
RR Class: G-50-15
Mech. Design: GWS
In. Length: 88 Ft. 4 In.
Ex. Length: 93 Ft. 10 In.
Cap: 7640 Cu.Ft.
Load Lmt: 80400
Lt. Weight: 49000
Gr. Weight: 80000
Build Date: 07/1971
Lineage: New
Plate: Exceeds Plate F

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2 Cars, 2 Wings $124.99

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