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Prototype Specifications
Capacity 500,000 lbs.
Light Weight 240,000 lbs.
Load Limit 507,000 lbs.
Number of axles (36" wheels) 12
Deck Length 30'
Car Length 92',8-1/2"

The Pennsylvania PRR 470256 depressed flat car was designed to carry a large load on the supressed deck of this mammoth flat car. Decals are provided for lettering this car in its original Pennsylvania railroad scheme. The body of the car rides on two bolsters, which in turn ride on 3-axle trucks.

MSRP $69.99USD

Sold less trucks and couplers.

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Resin Truck Frame Kit

A special resin truck frame kit is available. The user supplies his own 36" wheelsets. The truck frame are easily assembled with ACC cement. Priced at $19.99

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